Spring is here, and we are happy to see it!

How  I love to see the greening of the world after a long winter of muted whites and greys. The colors of nature in spring inspire me ceaselessly.

The whisper of spring ephemerals….


The riot of the spring garden….


The soft blue skies of a warm new day….

DSC05144 sigDSC05540 sig

The green of new leaves and ponds….


Keep on beading!

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Winter Art Fair

Hello friends and family,
I wanted to let you know about a wonderful art how that will be held in a west side Madison home on Dec 3 and 4 2016. Many talented local artists will be present to offer up unique and beautiful handmade items for Holiday shopping. Betsy’s Beadworks will be there both days!

Summertime Art Fair Season is Upon Us

I have been a “busy bee”!  Busy beading to get up some stock for the late summer and fall season. (Available by contacting the artist directly- see bottom of post).

Mostly, I have been making woven cabochons and necklaces. Recently, I made two of my signature “Woven V” statement necklaces. Both of these necklaces have beaded embellishments at the top to hide the fastening of the chain to the weaving. On these two, I used the Silver Star pattern by Nicole Starman and added some enhancements of my own as well.

Here is “Blue Ombre“: I used blue 4 hole tiles instead of triangle tiles on the bottom layer and added a bead in the top corners for fun.


Here is “Deep Forest”: In this one, I added green leafy accents to the Silver Star pattern to emulate the green leafy forest canopy of summer. The crystals are dark green like the iridescent cubes in the center stripe, and the petals are a dark copper to help transition to the copper chain. I used a chain with metal wings that emulate the samara seeds pods that fall from maples trees in the autumn. This one sold yesterday at it’s first showing!

Brown fan woven earrings:


In this piece, I used a large agate gemstone for the centerpiece. I created a Peyote weave bail to hang it from. I then chose similarly colored Super Duos and seed beads to make a very long rope. The top is accented by Czech glass faceted beads and gold tone chain.

Peacock fan woven earrings:

Meet the ladies: Two Blue Victorian cameos and Diana the Huntress.

Purple fan woven earrings:

Here are few odd ball offerings:

Finally, I have created some more Fairies and Pixies:

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All items are one of a kind and may or may not be available depending upon how well I do at my upcoming art fairs!

Please contact me through WordPress if interested.