I would like to highlight the philosophy of re-use. So many things are simply thrown away in the country that still have lots of life and use in them. One of my favorite things to do is to find old jewelry and use the components to make something new. I like to go to flea markets, garage sales, and resale shops and buy up old costume jewelry to cannibalize for new projects.

Here are two projects in which I used vintage beads along with new ones to create something different. In both cases, I used faux pearls from old costume jewelry to accent a piece.

stone petals 5Herringbone weave cuff bracelette with vintage faux pearls 2

Another re-cycle project I love is the work that my daughter does with discarded fabrics and “found items”. She turns junk into art in her Trash Couture, “Get your Trash-on Fashion” shows. Some great examples are her Wearable home decor items (lace curtains, shower curtains, and ashtrays), found glove Mohawk hoodies, and Urban savages bottle cap armor.

urban savages by Pink Milk Fashion
bottle cap armor

meatmarket fashion show 061

Hat: Netted veil made from vegetable bag with ashtray accent. Cape: lace curtain with rod intact, holds up blouse front which hangs from a second curtain rod and pantaloons are made from discarded muslin.

Urban savages 004 3

Stegosaurus Mohawk hat made of lost gloves found around Madison over the winter

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