Trip to the Milwaukee bead and Button Show

June 7 2013….

Oh man, were we bad last Friday! Five of us piled into my car and off we drove to Brew-Town for an orgy of beads and beading paraphernalia.


Kim! Wait up!


This event was Huge! Rows upon rows of tables piled with everything imaginable for a beader.


I cleaned up here!


I found the special beads I have been looking for to make a particular woven bracelet, and honestly, I have not been able to find them anywhere locally!


Look at these tables!


Three dollars a STRAND!!!??? Oh Baby!


Oh the Bling!!!


Here we are resting and re-charging for another foray into the isles.


This guy was so great! He owns a button factory in New Jersey that has been in the family for three generations. Really nice buttons –some very cool Indian head nickel design buttons. He survived the hurricane allright thank goodness!


Chain Chain Chain

Somehow, I managed to leave without having had any breakfast, and when I looked up it was 4:30!! Time to leave and eat a real meal. As usual, we stopped at the Water Street Brewery on the way home.


Alice spotted a car she used to own, so she posed along side it for us!


OOOOOO, Ahhhhhh (More wine please)


At our table, we engaged in a little show and tell. (I won’t tell how much we spent!)


Kim is tired now, we need to get her home and put her to bed.

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