Crafty Fair 2013

What a wonderful day! Rainy outside but sunny inside.


In the zone

We were at the Goodman Center in Madison. This is one of my favorite areas of Madison. Sarah lived in this part of town for years, and we would exercise together here quite often.I admit it started in a rather humiliating fashion when I fell over backwards while crouching down to peer into a box of supplies and knocked my neighbor’s display over, raining body lotions down upon my head! I was mortified!! But despite many a klutzy moment, I managed to enjoy myself immensely.Image

Product onslaught!

Space was a bit cramped, but I think it worked to our advantage, as people were forced to slow down and look more closely.



This is the corner where traffic tended to slow down. I like to think it was because of all the cool stuff at the 4 booths that occupied this space!


Many thanks to the organizers and other fabulous venders for making it such a wonderful day!


Allison Epp (helper in general), a shopper, my neighbor Lisa Lewis, and another happy shopper

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