Back To Work

It’s good to be back! I have been gone for almost a month. Some time away due to pleasure, some to pain. First, I caught the influenza and was horribly ill. Five days of high fever (101-104) with painful cough and runny nose. I had this last year and wanted no repeat of the experience, so I got the flu shot in November. Caught the flu anyway in January. Oh well.. Glad that’s over!

Next I went on vacation for 2 weeks in the Middle East. I spent my 15 hour plane trip recovering from the last vestiges of the flu and arrived feeling refreshed. I had a great time touring the desert, historical sites and shopping in the Souks. I found some beautiful amber that I hope to use in jewelry soon.

Now that I am over my jet lag and finally caught up at my “real job” and ready to start beading again.

I am currently fascinated with making large beaded cuff bracelets out of Tila beads and seed beads. I love picking out seed beads that bring out the hidden colors in the Picasso finish. Here are some samples of this weekend’s work:

Picasso finish brick red and green Tila beads alternating with dark red Tilas with gold flecks. The middle row is made of solid copper colored Tilas. It has a magnetic fold-over clasp for easy one-handed application that won’t fall open accidentally.


Brown and tan Picasso finish Tilas with a middle row of olive green beads. Tubular clasp gives this flexible bracelet a slim, low profile finish.


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