summer 09 034 Hi there!

My name is Betsy and I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin, where I still live.  I have always enjoyed making and wearing pretty things. I took up beading when my children were young because it was an art form I could work on whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Now I enjoy sharing bead work with others, and I am looking forward to a day when I can bead full time! Over the years, I have dabbled with bead weaving and stringing. I love both, and often my designs are a combination of the two. I create strung and woven bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings using a variety of vintage, glass, metal, ceramic and gem stone beads as well a incorporating handmade pendants and focus beads created by my fellow artists to create one of a kind creations. When possible, I include vintage and recycled beads in my work. I make a wide variety of pieces, from finely woven seed beads to chunky mixed media creations. I make everything from silly to classy, funky to delicate, for work or play.

I really love the design process. Putting together colors and textures, choosing the right weave or balancing the beads in a mixed media piece. I enjoy the natural beauty of the woods and lakes where I live and I use the colors and textures of the natural surroundings as inspiration for my beading. All of my pieces are one of a kind and quite unique.

I have always enjoyed nature and exploring the wild areas in the world around us. I love to take pictures, and photography is another hobby of mine.  I have never studied the art of photography, but I dabble in it none-the-less! I am not well traveled, but seem to find much to interest me as I explore shapes, colors, shadows and textures in the visual realm. All of this tends to lead back into my beadwork eventually. If you love photography too, check out my Flicker page at:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/kazzahpics/.


In my other life, I work full time in a field where I interact with children. They have inspired some of my more whimsical pieces. To enhance my workday, I started making beautiful necklaces that double as lanyards. My lanyards are sturdy and designed for safety and durability. Check out my funky animal lanyards as well as more conventional lanyards. My lanyards are childproof!Betsy's beadworks 1.5



I started my Etsy Shop after doing a few craft fairs and finding that there are actually folks out there who like to wear what I like to make! Please feel free to look through my Etsy Shop, where many of the jewelry pieces pictured here are currently for sale.  That site can be accessed by clicking on this link:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/BetsysBeadworks?ref=si_shop

One of my proudest accomplishments so far is having produced artists who inspire me. My son has created metal art and jewelry as well as opaque and intriguing  poetry. He is also a talented musician.  My daughter Sarah makes clothing/art out of discarded materials and recycled fabrics. Her creations and live shows are fashion statements with social relevance. She and a friend are Pink Milk Fashions. Website: http://pinkmilkfashion.com/

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