Bead weaving

Blue wave 3

Feel a wave of tranquility with this delicate weaving of sparkling German crystals and blue seed beads.
This lacy woven choker uses bright blue seed beads with AB finish and has a woven bib of darker beads at the center. Hand woven by artist.
Sliver tone adjustable lobster claw and chain clasp


Little red side drilled “pills” hang from the bottom edge of a simple red saw tooth design weave.

Holly and Ivy sparkle set 3

Rich red Swarovski crystal berries float on top of dark green foliage tipped in gold in this delightful woven necklace and bracelet set. All glass seed beads woven with 6 lb Fireline thread. Findings are gold tone pewter. ($45.00 /set)
Necklace has an adjustable hook and chain clasp to fit over a variety of blouses or sweaters. Or simply snug it up tight to wear as a choker. Large red German crystal hangs as a center pendant. ($30.00 sold separately)
The bracelet has a decorative hook and eye clasp.

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