An old fashion Beading Bee


weekend crafting

weekend crafting







My friends and I like to get together regularly to bead as a group. It’s a great way to stay in touch in the face of our busy lives. We bring our boxes and bins and gather round the table, sharing bits of gossip and glad news.


We also share ideas and beads. (A great way to use up orphan beads is to throw them into a bowl and let everyone sort through it).  We really get inspired by each others work and the creative juices get flowing.

2012-10-01 18.41.04

Beading buddies at the cabin in Ontonogan

Beading buddies at the cabin in Ontonogan


Sometimes we will have a theme and we will all make our own version of the same thing: Group snowflake ornament project

To me, our beaders group harkens back to days of old when women were separated by long distances and challenging terrain, and these kinds of get togethers served to bind communities together as well as share resources.  These days, it keeps us in touch with each other in the midst of our ever busy and all too isolating lives of work and family.  Naturally, we have to stop for Brunch! The host creates a main dish and the rest of us bring yummy additions.

Picture 087

Mmmmmm……….Boston creme cake

Sometimes we abandon beading and plunge into other projects. Here we are doing a group tie dye event at my house last summer. Some of us mixed dyes in the kitchen while others dyed clothing outside. And of course, we ate lots of yummy food. (It helps to have friends who are great cooks!)

029 (3)

WOW! Lots of pretty tie dye! This represents about 1/4 of what we produced that day!

023 (2)

Dying in my kitchen

Last fall we stayed in a cabin on the Wisconsin  river over the week end – Girls only!- and had a real blast cooking and beading and hiking together.


Wisconsin river backwater


Group beading table: takes up most of the interior cabin space!

Betsy and Kim making dinner at the cabin on the Wisconsin river wife beaders weekend

To all you creative women out there, keep on making beautiful things to brighten our world. And remember, it’s always more fun with three (or four, or five, or six….)

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