blue funky lanyard 3

Blue Funky Lanyard
A fantasy of blue beads for a fun and funky Lanyard.

poodle lanyard 2 pink bunny lanyard 2 panda lanyard 3 Autumn colors lanyard 3 Happy Cow Blue 3 Brown dog 6 Brown dog 1 Chihuaua 1 Happy Cow red 5 Helping Hands 2 Prurple glass 1 sparkly kitty 1 Freckled Frog 5 dark pink pig 4 Happy Cow Blue 1 2013-08-11 07.08.54 pawprint puppy lanyard close up2013-06-30 16.12.44 2014-03-01 17.18.11 2014-03-30 07.10.52 bleubeads of happiness lanyard 2 Blingity piggity 2 blingity pinkity pig 2 blue glass beaded lanyard with leaves and silver badge holder butterflies 3 chunky red lanyard with crystals 2 Coral madnesss white 2 Crazy cow lanyard dark pink pig 1 dyed shell and cut glass lanyard in gold tones 2 koala black 5 Koala blue 3 Miss Piggy Lanyard 7 Moo Moo Lanyard Pig and Cow together purple dark pig 5 purple necklace-lanyard 3 rhombiod green 2 tropical fish 4 tropical fish 10

blue funky lanyard 2

Close up

2 thoughts on “Lanyards

    • These lanyards were available in my Etsy shop for some time. Many have sold, but some of them are still available. I now have a website. The prices range from 20-25 dollars depending upon how complicated the construction was, and number of strands. Let me know which one you are interested in and I can see if it is available still. I can always post the Lanyard that you want if it is still available.


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