A Visit With the Fairies

Now that Spring has finally arrived it is time to go on a Fairy Hunt!

Remember to look amongst the lily pads…. 2016-05-28 08.13.14

Also, look up into the trees…

2016-05-28 08.42.27

 There you may spot a raven

2016-05-28 08.40.05


Deep in the woods….

 You will find the fairies!

2016-05-28 08.11.45

 And perhaps a unicorn too!

2016-05-28 08.38.55

A  druid lass may scamper past

2016-05-28 08.18.07

And she will be adorned with symbols of the earth:

2016-05-28 08.40.27


For more information on the Pentagram symbolPentagram symbolism

check out the garden….     (look behind the roses)

2016-05-28 08.28.05

See them there, the little pixies hiding amongst the flowers?

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They await the queen of the fairies…

2016-05-28 08.33.21


2016-05-28 08.30.02

I hope you have had fun in Fairyland!   Stop by any time!!

Wedding Time Beading

WEDDING at Olbrich Gardens

Recently, my son got married. It was really a nice wedding. Such wonderful weather, and the gardens were in full bloom. Folks from Arizona, Texas, Georgia, New York, even Dubai came to see my baby tie the knot.

Before the wedding I had lots of fun making necklaces for the bridesmaids, and his wife also gave me some vintage faux pearls that her grandmother used to wear and asked me to make her a bridal necklace.

DSC06230 DSC06170

 Don’t they look pretty? Even Daniel wore a brand new hat!

In a previous post I put up some pictures some gemstone necklaces that I made using stones that Daniel and Amanda brought back for me from their honeymoon. Among those stones were some un-drilled Peridot stone chips. I used them in little glass vials to make these pendant necklaces

:DSC06415 DSC06412DSC06437 DSC06448DSC06447 DSC06429DSC06419DSC06427

I also strung up a couple of electroplated leaves today as well!

DSC06443 DSC06440