‘Tis the Season for Arts Offerings

Hi there everybody!

I have not posted in a very long time. I have been busy making jewelry and adding to my arts offerings by expanding my photography business (Ardea Blue Photography)

I am now in the midst of the pre holiday season Blitz!

I am doing a combination of jewelry shows and photography exhibits, which you cab see by looking at my upcoming events side bar.

My latest jewelry forays include LOTS of bracelets and Necklaces, as you can see below:

I love this beautiful etched Czech glass Tila bead. I accented it with purple glass pearls and seed beads. SO pretty!


I Also fell in love with these new Z shaped beads, but could only find them in this unusual color. Luckily, I had some matching Tila beads to go with it:


I had some fun selling things, Believe it or not, I now have about twice as many as seen in this picture!32215382_10211806483823302_605565666904244224_n.jpg

Like these for example:


In between all these projects, I did a lot of traveling and took a lot of pictures. My love of nature has always inspired my jewelry, especially in regards to color and shape.  You can see how my artistic endeavors intertwine in the following photographs:

Come on out and see my jewelry in December and my photography as well in Nov and December!



A Penchant for Pendants

I love alliteration. Hope you do too! I also love to bead pendants by either using a brick stitch embellishment to a metal medallion, or, using Peyote weave around a cabochon.

Are you ready for some new stuff? Here are some new offerings of pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.

I have a lot of these golden trees, and I thought they could make nice pendants, be used as sun-catchers in a window, or even holiday tree ornaments!

Here is On I put on the tree this year…


I love to embellish brass, copper and pewter pendants as well.

Here are some pretty gemstones I wrapped:

And now, for a bigger project. I started weaving a simple super Duo rope and just kept on going! I wanted to create a really long rope, like those long ropes of pearls that flapper ladies wore in my Grandmother’s day. I remember her long pearl strands and I wanted to make a woven rope long enough to twirl, or at least wrap twice around my neck.

Here is the result: a 42 inch black and gold woven rope that is long enough to tie in a knot, or double up.

And some bracelets…


Time to get back to beading. I have some more pendants to make and I just had an idea for a new rope!!


The In Between Time (Looking Backwards and Forwards)

Here in the Midwest we are experiencing that special in between time. It’s that time of year between “Will it ever be warm again?” and “Puddle of perspiration”.

After a rather slow start, I think that warmth may finally be returning. I spent a great afternoon at the dog park with my husband and hound on Easter Sunday.

2015-04-10 20.58.16Although they are both currently snoring gently on the sofa with me, on that day, we were all energy!

My first walk of the year without a coat!!

2015-04-05 15.29.11

His first spring buds in the woodlands!!

2015-03-31 17.28.58

Winnie’s first smell-a-thon at the park!

2015-04-05 15.52.30 2015-04-05 15.35.43

Not to mention these fine spring flowers I found in my beading room….

Easter Bouquet

Easter Bouquet

I have been trying over this long winter to learn at least 2 new weaves every month and to make at least 1-2 bracelets per week.  It has been challenging and fun. After completing them, they go into the treasure chest. It’s getting pretty full!

2015-04-05 14.29.47 2015-04-05 14.29.34

Here is a quick review of my work since the new year began:

2015-04-10 21.33.23

2015-01-03 22.14.02 2015-01-03 22.11.17 2015-03-01 10.24.08 2015-03-01 10.20.45 2015-03-07 14.19.50 DSC08161 DSC08152 DSC08148 DSC08145 DSC08141

2014-12-28 08.55.34 2014-12-28 09.00.37 2014-12-28 09.14.11 2014-12-28 09.19.19 2014-12-28 09.22.38 2014-12-28 09.14.34

Brick red and green Tilas with green/gold Superduos. Handmade brass toggle clasp

2015-01-24 18.39.41 2015-01-24 18.42.43

Peacock Purple Passion

Peacock blue fire polished crystals and Tila squares. Blingity Bling Bling!!

2015-01-24 18.48.57 2015-01-24 18.51.46 2015-01-24 18.55.27

Short, 6 inch bracelet with parallelogram shaped2-hole beads and gold Super duos

2015-01-24 18.59.54 2015-01-30 20.26.00 2015-01-30 20.28.44 2015-02-21 15.05.41 2015-02-21 15.07.28 2015-02-21 15.08.04

Leather wrap bracelet with beaded beads, copper clasp and dangles

2015-02-21 15.19.59 2015-02-21 15.19.27

Seahorse shapes in Caribbean colors

2015-03-07 14.17.05 2015-03-07 14.18.31 2015-03-29 15.41.58 2015-03-29 15.46.10 2015-03-29 15.50.16 2015-03-29 15.52.132015-03-29 21.28.29

It has been a long and busy winter, and now I look forward to a warm and pleasant summer, going to craft fairs and selling  these beauties to all of you!

By the way, if you see something you like here, and it is not in my Etsy shop, just message me. I don’t post most of what I make, and it could be available if you just ask me!

Happy springtime!


Gardening with Beads

Gardening with Beads

I have been enjoying how all of my flowers have suddenly sprung into full bloom after a long and frigid winter. They have inspired me to create bracelets that reflect their colors!

Look at these lovely Peonies and irises!ImageImage

These flowers led to this creation:


Next, I got inspired by the blues, purples and whites of my irises and bleeding hearts.



And that led to this Bracelet!


How does my garden grow? Work, Work, Work, Work!


Craft fairs you need to be at!

Here’s where all the cool kids will be this fall…………

  • Betsy’s Beadworks and Carnelian Sol Designs will be at Art on the Mart on September 8th in Ahuska park in Monona. Farmers Market Sunday.
  • We will also be at the One-Stop Holiday Shop on October 19 at the McFarland Lutheran Church.
  • Betsy’s Beadworks will also be at the Crafty Fair this fall, on Sunday November 17th from 10am-4pm at the Goodman Community Center.  (149 Waubesa St. Madison, WI)

Come on by and say hi! We love the company.

Be there or be square!